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Student/Faculty Spotlight

We Feature Our Visiting Scholars Lisa Bhungalia, Xiang Li, Hong Yi and Wei Su:


Lisa Bhungalia:

xzLisa Bhungalia joined us this Autumn as a SBS Diversity Postdoctoral Fellow working with Mat Coleman (her primary mentor). Lisa is coming to us from Syracuse University where she received her PhD in Geography in December 2013 and is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Humanities. She also holds an MA in Humanities and Social Thought from New York University and a BA in English from Ohio State University. Her research focuses on the intersection of late-modern war, national securitization, and transnational linkages and encounters between the U.S. and the North Africa/Middle East region. With extensive travel and research across the Middle East, Lisa adopts an ethnographic approach to studying war and the extension of American power abroad. Her dissertation, 'From the American People': Aid, Counterinsurgency, and the U.S. National Security State in Palestine, examines the operation of the U.S. security state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip through a civilian regime of aid workers, NGOs, private contractors, local entrepreneurs, and foreign experts and explores how those living in the region are negotiating American power and the attendant forms of management to which it is giving rise. Her next project expands her interests in sovereignty, global security regimes, and liberal war to the broader global (and historical) circuits through which war and counterinsurgency practices are transmitted across space and time. Through ethnographic research conducted in New York City and the West Bank, this project will examine the ways in which security and counterinsurgency strategies are being transmitted between different sites of global "war on terror" to manage populations of "suspect" civilians across borders. She has also written on the relationship between geopolitics and war in the Gaza Strip. Lisa can be found in 1120 Derby Hall.

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