Ningchuan Xiao

Associate Professor
Department of Geography
1036 Derby Hall, 154 North Oval Mall
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH 43210
Tel: +1-614-292-4072
Fax: +1-614-292-6213
Coordinates: 40°0'4"N 83°0'44"W


    Ph.D., 2003, The University of Iowa


I am currently teaching the following classes:
    GEOG 5220 - Fundamentals of GIS
    GEOG 5221 - Spatial modeling and simulation
In the past, I have also taught classes such as GEOG 200 (World Regional Geography), GEOG 680 (Numerical Cartography), GEOG 685 (Intermediate GIS), GEOG 686 (GIS in Social Science and Business Research), GEOG 688/787 (Web-based GIS), and GEOG 983 (Special Topics in Quantitative Geography: Complexity in Spatial Analysis).

Research Interests

My research is focused on various areas of GIScience. I am particularly interested in (1) developing computational approaches to solving spatial decision problems that often have multiple, conflicting objectives, (2) visualization and cartography theory and methods that can be used to help understand complex spatial information in a problem solving context, and (3) landscape ecology and environment modeling with a focus placed on the development of spatially explicit models to understand ecological processes and their impacts on landscape.

Computational methods
     Xiao, N. 2012 ``A parallel cooperative hybridization approach to the p-median problem.'' Environment and Planning B, accepted.

Xiao, N. 2008. A unified conceptual framework for geographical optimization using evolutionary algorithms.'' Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 98(4): 795-817.

Xiao, N., Bennett, D.A., and Armstrong, M.P. 2007. ``Interactive evolutionary approaches to multiobjective spatial decision making: a synthetic review.'' Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 31: 232-252.

Cartography and visualization
     Xiao, N., and Armstrong, M.P. 2012. ``Towards a multiobjective view of cartographic design.'' Cartography and Geographic Information Science, accepted.

Xiao, N. and Chun, Y. 2009. ``Visualizing migration flows using kriskograms.'' Cartography and Geographical Information Science 36(2):183-191.

Xiao, N., Calder, C., and Armstrong, M.P. 2007. ``Assessing the effect of attribute uncertainty on the robustness of choropleth map classification.'' International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 21(2): 121-144.

Spatial modeling
     Wu, X., Murray, A. and Xiao, N. 2011. ``A Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for Optimizing Spatial Contiguity in Reserve Network Design.'' Landscape Ecology, 26(3): 425-437.

Bennett, D.A., Xiao, N. and Armstrong, M.P. 2004. ``Exploring the geographic consequences of public policies using evolutionary algorithms.'' Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 94(4), 827-847.

Xiao, N., Bennett, D.A., Middleton, B. and Fessel, K. 2002. ``SISM: a multi-scale model for cypress swamp regeneration.'' Geographical & Environmental Modelling, 6(1), 99-116.

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